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Real People with Real Results


Bob Tierney

Stared as a remodeling contractors & after locking arms with this group has be actively apart of over 100 deals. Now He educates others on how to systemize their REI Business's


Keith & Leafay Jones

Keith and Lefay, after an incredible career in the Army, made the impactful decision to transition into real estate investing to secure long-term generational wealth for their family. Since joining our group, the Jones have successfully completed over 15 deals, showcasing their dedication and expertise in the real estate arena.


Ana Katoni

 Ana Catoni - This community has provided me with more than just the knowledge to excel in real estate investing; they feel like an extended family. Thanks to their support, I've successfully invested in real estate part-time while maintaining my full-time role as a social worker. The guidance and camaraderie I've found here have truly made all the difference.

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Scot Buchholz

After getting laid off by corporate America Scot took things into his own hands by leveraging our systematic approach to creating real estate investors!


Chris Teets

Chris Teets, weary of manual work as an electrician, found a transformative path with our group. We equipped Chris with the knowledge and confidence to transition into a successful real estate professional. Now, he enjoys the chance to prioritize quality time with his family. Make the shift to real estate investing! 


Anton & Mary Brooks

Anton and Mary Brooks, dedicated government workers in the DMV, sought a solution to afford healthier foods and break free from the rat race. Through our educational system, the Brooks have not only achieved financial stability but have also successfully built a six-figure short-term rental business. Their inspiring journey showcases the transformative impact of our educational resources.


Dameon & Jennifer Lloyd

Jenn is a government contractor and Dameon is a firefighter, they made the decision to build long term generational wealth! Click below to watch a deal tour! 


Todd Huges 

Todd Hughes started as a Nurse anesthesiologist by trade and became a real estate investor working with our community. Today Todd owns a Medical Wellness facility and gets the opportunity help others and create a balanced lifestyle, our community helped Todd to restructure his finances and level up his business game! 

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